Revocation Bootcamp

“Makiko during the Reiki session connected with my guides, angels and other helpful beings who thoroughly directed and administered the healing energies all through my being. Makiko's clairvoyance allowed her to see exactly what was going on within my energies and as she directed the healing through out, she was able to comment keeping my conscious mind in the loop and at ease."

                                     Michael, Channeler of Arch Angels

​​​​“I met Makiko by happenstance on New Year's Eve and had no idea how expansive a friendship it would be. Not only is Makiko's energy work palpable and unlike any other I have  experienced, but her comprehension of our rich universe is absolutely stunning. It has been a joy and a journey working with Makiko! Much love Makiko!!!”  

                      Zane, High Frequency Film Maker, USA

When i met makiko she invite me to join the meditations and revocation bootcamps and that change all my perspective, i never had an experience like that before, that help me really a lot, that bring me so much peace and cleared my mind... i raised my vibrations thanks to her, i feel more connected with the spirituality now. I'm really glad to know her. She is an amazing and a wonderful being.​
​I am now taking actions....."


George Cosmo's Mind from Argentina

"I was connected to Makiko through a destined encounter in Hawaii. After spending several years working through great uncertainty and darkness, I felt ready to receive the message that the light was near. Makiko's reiki brought so much insight, so many answers, so much clarity and peace. I felt the weight leave me almost immediately, and within a few days, clearing and change began to unfold. Since our session, I feel youthful and alive, I now have very deep understanding of both my purpose and path within this life. For this, I am eternally grateful."
                                                    Alison,  Warrior of Lost Animal Kingdom

“As I have a very strong connection to Gaia, Makiko was able to see and hold the space for this relationship as the energies of the planet helped greatly in my healing. Furthermore she was able to go in a trance and channel a great healer "Yeshua- Jesus Christ" as I requested for him to be present during my healing ceremony. Makiko's high level and detailed healing session is so impactful and profound that you literally know and feel every part of you as completely healed and brand new. "  

      “Stone, Professional Performer Song writer & Gaia Toner

"The training was excellent, I feel confidant that with practice I will be able to administer Reiki. It was good to get feedback from other students that they could feel the energy flow through my hands." David, Engineer    

I am a healer of Elite healers

thank you for being you, and what you do in your everyday life

"Level one of Holy Fire Reiki proved to be a very profound experience. I had what I call an aha moment when although I felt chilled, I suddenly felt a circular warmth around me--similar to being near a heat source. This occurred during the first meditation. In addition, being with like spirits(people), proved to be a wonderful experience. dream times" Maggie USUI REIKI MASTER   

“ Oh Makiko  - you are magic and miracles in a divine human form! The messages you were able to receive for me were quite profound and so very helpful to my Soul Journey. From our session I received so much clarity, and directioning--relationships that felt confusing became clear to me and now I know exactly what I need to do in regards to these situations. I love your ability to tune into the higher realms. You are definitely a Master Healer! I am so grateful for you in my life and for your incredible work!
Love, An-Ra-Nae

​                              High Priestess & Head of Mystery School

"Real change can be manifested over time. This had been my experience with Makiko. Healing work combined with looking within for inner strength is creating real change."                                      David, IT Consultant & Soul Healer, USA

"I always love your meditations & learn a lot from you both!!!

Thank you again!!!.. "   

Holy Fire II REIKI Workshop

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"I really like this meditation, Now I practice this everyday."

Quantum Healing Meditation Participant

"I no longer feel my back pain!" 

Quantum Healing Meditation Participant

"I feel younger, and happier!" INP learner

"I can manifest and am more awake during my dream times" INP learner

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"I felt  some comfort in seeing Jesus in my meditation knowing this great healer will be helping to guide me in some way. "   


“Healing with Makiko changed my life, literally I feel like a new born, feeling so light with the leverage going through my day to days with divine ease.” 

                                           Udo, Actor, Ireland 

“I was in pain in so many different ways and have been for more than 2 years. Acupuncture, Reiki, Cranial Sacral therapy, and Qigong have been instrumental in my healing and recovery process. The ability of these healers to assess diagnose, and treat the shifting pains and mysterious feelings is remarkable. Energetic healing is a spiritual calling. The human body's ability to heal is an amazing process in itself and skilled energy healers help promote and sustain those healing processes and can help you grow in new areas."  

​                                                     Dancing Elephant, Sharman.

"Overwhelmed by wisdom and knowledge we shared...."  Spring Bootcamp participant 

"I AM now manifesting my future and be able to experience  my other "selves" Spring Bootcamp participant

"I got my dreamtime back!" Bootcamp participant
I know my soul mission... Spring Bootcamp 
Why didn't you offer this class when I was much younger!  Spring Bootcamp participant

I am getting younger - I have dreams now.... Fall Bootcamp participant

So inspiring, I AM feeling "free"... Bootcamp participants
​I am now taking actions....." Bootcamp participant