Most asked questions

Q. What is Rayki?

A. Rayki is a frequency based energy healing (similar to Reiki) that is aligned to New Earth Frequency. 

Q. How do I know I am on track? 

A. Open your heart, and ask your heart if this is right for you.

Q. I do not know how to connect with my heart.

A. Join our Heart Journal club, the members and I will assist you!

Q. What is Ascension? Which group or teaching material I should follow?

A. First, tune into your own frequency, and then ask your heart to see what resonates with you the most.

Q. How should I feel after i receive Rayki?

A. It's all depend. It works beyond time and space. Some feel it instantly, some feel it later, and some feel very little. It works on the physical body as well as the soul level. Sometime the higher self of your soul needs this healing more, so you will heal in the future.  In many cases, people around you may notice your change before you do. And they want to know what you have done, as you look younger and happier.