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Inner knowingness Program (INP)    8 Week intense soul Awakening, healing Guiding & Empowering

Inner guidance program: 8 week or 8 sessions 

1. Assessment includes,

  • detailed analyses of each chakra including their strengths and    weakness
  • report on the size of your chakras
  • brief report on the important functions of the closed/open chakras -report on some physical, emotional and spiritual conditions as a result of a malfunctioning of chakras.

2. Chakra cleansing & balancing - since everyone is unique, each individuals result will be different. 

If you have more than one chakra off-balance we will,

  • delve further into that chakra/s as far as the extent of the imbalances
  • utilize releasing energy work to clean and balance your chakras

3. Initiation (self-protection vs self-reflection) - during this process we will teach you the essentials that will enable you to initiate your multidimensional potential

4. Activation - during this step your energy systems (mind, body, and spiritual) will be activated

5. Maintenance and check-point weekly follow-up session - as with all processes, a check-up is periodically needed to maximize your potential and maintain your energy balance

2 Payment Options: 

Payment option 1- Pay per session- $100 per session for 8 sessions for a total of $800
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Payment option 2- Pay all at once for 8 sessions and get a $100 discount for a total cost of $700
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Upon deposit, we will specify the future dates of all the sessions.

This program will enable you to build a strong foundation of inner knowingness and congruency with your own Source, which represents critical knowledge needed as a healer and an empath. 

You live multi-dimensionally and co-exist in many realms, so you will need to develop specific skill sets for you to truly embrace your current life.

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