Cleanse or De-clutter? Follow these simple steps...

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Ever wondered why you feel tired always?

Wonder why things tend to accumulate in certain areas?

Pondering why your spouse cannot land the dream job?

Feeling that someone or something is sucking up your energy?

Wondering how to get through the current mess or the day ahead?

Spring Equinox is around the corner. Some do a physical Spring cleansing, some start to de-cluttering space, and some consider smudging space to invite luck and abundance. How about you?

People often wonder what is the difference between cleansing and cleaning. The answer can be simple.

Follow these simple steps....

Step 1: Review your day and think how much of your time and energy is spent wondering why problems exist vs. creating solution to these problem? If more than 20% of your time is spent asking why rather than creating a solution, please move to Step 2.

Step 2: Examine the challenges. You have issues nagging and you are not able to create acceptable solutions? Are these issues becoming repeating nightmares that are becoming to be a part of your life? Or are these new issues like a sudden loss of job, loss of a loved one, or injury that prevents you from doing what you enjoy? If your answer is more towards the former, go to Step 3. If more towards the later then proceed to Step 4.

Step 3: You may need to clear your space & mind. It happens often when your subconscious mind start driving you without the checks and balances of your conscious mind. So let's cleanse your space and reset your mind. So you can invite more balance into your life and start creating solutions rather than dealing with this energy-sucking monster!

Step 4: It is best strategy to start de-cluttering the physical environment around you. Have you practiced feng shui, and energy cleansing? Call an expert, or read more about it. If this resonates well with you then take action today. Don't delay! Contact me today and make an appointment.

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